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A Message to My Sister (Peaches) My Dearest Friend And to All of My Sisters

There is no secret what God can do

Your way has already been made

And your victories already achieved

For the journey through your life challenges

Have already been set in a clear path

That leads to a destiny of freedom and healing results

Your life is already written

Words encrypted on a slate

Dictating the overcoming of trials and tribulations

Illustrating peace in the valley

Painting a picturesque of the blood shed by the lamb

That guarantees you freedom away from all harm and despair

For God is your shepherd

Though you walk through the valley and the shadow of death

You shall know no fear

As a believer you know

That his rod and his staff will comfort you

And the power of the almighty will saturate all your fears, tears and indiscretions

With hope and rejuvenation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual maintenance

Oh my sister! I am witnessing to you at this very moment


Whatever is broken and whatever appears to be failing

God is a heart fixer, mind regulator and a certified technician for reparation

Of all problems!

Every Tunnel you enter upon

Every valley you sweep down into

No matter whether a doctor has to put you under

To cope with the challenge

God is with you every step of the way

And he never fails

So my sister

You are grounded and rooted in the love of   Jesus

Know that your faith and his grace

Are sufficient and your prayers and petitions

You can consider done

In the precious name of Jesus

I pray

For you


Your friend and sister in Christ

Linda Sanders Copy Right 2006

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