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My Testimony Today of The Miracle God Will Perform For Me Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will awake to yet another miracle God has performed in my life

How do I know today what has yet to occur tomorrow?

See I’m looking for a miracle
I am expecting the impossible

I believe that my God is awesome
I am awaiting to be awestruck
But not surprised!
Because things happen beyond our wildest dreams
When we believe in an almighty power source such as Our God Almighty

Jesus promised that our God would neither forsake us nor leave us
Tomorrow he is going to show up and show out
Why because I believe
I trust that his hand is in every nook and cranny of my life

I will receive my unemployment compensation as usual
I will receive my emergency unemployment compensation
I will be compensated for all that I am deserving of
Through whatever vehicle it may transpire

I am with my Lord on this one!
It is all in his hands
And all is well

Watch and see

To be continued

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God’s Favor Towards Today’s Troubled Woman!

God’s Favor Toward Today’s Woman!

The world is ever changing, but one of the most beautiful and reassuring facts about God is that he is the same God since the beginning of time. Moreover, the favor and blessings he has showered upon women of the past are yours in abundance today!

Mary, our blessed mother of Jesus, is one of God’s greatest demonstrations of favor towards women. (Luke 1:26-38) “The virgin’s name was Mary and he came to her and said, “Greeting favored one! The Lord is with you.” The angel also said to her “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. (Luke 1:46-50) “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed, for the mighty one has done great things and holy is his name. Mary was poor and lived in an occupied land. She already had faith in God, but she was truly honored that God would bless her!

We are all like Mary. We have faith in God. Many of us are poor. We may not all reside in an occupied land, but, we all are captives of various life challenges, such as daily strife, unemployment, consumer debt, faltering relationships, lost of businesses and loss of loved ones. The list appears to be never ending. My point is that similar to Mary, every woman is blessed and highly favored by God also!

By personally affirming your faith in God and your Savior, Jesus, you will begin to become more attuned to the favor that God is showering you with everyday. Unlike human beings, God does not expect favors in return, but just like Mary, your spirit will begin to experience heightened volumes of rejoice.

When we recognize God’s favor we are then moved by the power of the Holy Spirit to praise him for his greatness! When the praises go up, the blessings come down and for this the Lord is well pleased. Have you tried counting your blessings lately? The Lord will make a way out of no way! Just believe. Everyday is a victory in Jesus! Be blessed.

Sister In Christ
Linda Sanders

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Do you know who you are? Do you know where you came from? Do you know where you really are today?

You are Precious…………… God’s children created in his own perfect image

You are rich………………….Descendants of a royal people that once reined over the three most riches empires of the world, Ghana, Mali and Songay.

You are Survivors………….The seeds of your ancestors who journeyed through slavery, civil unrest, economic disparities, social injustices, poverty and hardships passing down to you the genes that weather storms, dare to dream and beg to differ.

You are Living Legends. Your stories today are history tomorrow.

You are here. In an era where opportunities exist for men, women and children beyond what our ancestors could only have imagined.

Take this moment and bask in the momentous beauty of your victories.

Englewood is extremely proud of you, but be sure to allow the pride within yourselves to marinate over and resonate tasting the victories that you so well deserve and have earned. Continue to be the change today that you want to see in the world tomorrow.

You are truly manifestations of the greatness of our community!

Living Legends never lower your torches
Your mission to achieve must continuously burn so that others can take the fire from your flames to light and carry on the torches of

Excellence, Perseverance, Responsibility, Spirituality, Education, Prosperity, Knowledge, Love, Family & Community Pride, Scholarship, Freedom and Leadership.


I know God is pleased! Well Done! Thank you.

By Linda Sanders 02-1-10

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