Response To Natalie Evans and My Reply

November 7th, 2009

Ms. Sanders,
The picture that you took of Natalie is beautiful and sister girl you wrote a good story about Natalie. She is going to really be missed. She was such a warm filled person. Her sense of humor was great. She was a fashion bug . The girl was bright and smart in all areas. Ms. Sanders keep looking up being in couraged and keep letting the LORD stir up your gifts

My response to Sherlyn:
Thank you my sister and coworker, Sherlyn. You know I’ve always enjoyed capturing friends, coworkers and family at what may at times appear to be only a simple moment in time. As I visit my personal photo gallery, I realize that the treasure I hold is a chest filled with treasured moments I have for a life-time.

Our dear sister and friend Natalie Evans was truly a vessel of inspiration, wisdom, hope, courage, conviction, strength, beauty, womanhood, motherhood, faith, spirituality and love to me, to name a few. In my last communication from her she indicated in an email, “I’m doing okay.” This occurred October 23rd, 2009. At this time, she also requested that I still pray for her. She signed the email with Love. I replied back with the requests she’d made known, letting her know that I Loved her and Autumn as well.

Upon hearing that she made her transition on October 29th, 2009, I revisted that same email. I asked myself, how could she have possibly meant that she was doing okay, when the news proved otherwise. Then I took another look at the picture of her posted above and knew that she very well knew that she was okay. She was okay with her heavenly father and of what she knew he had in store for her. I know God had given her a medal of honor and a seal stamped with approval, saying “WELL DONE MY SERVANT NATALIE, WELL DONE”

Yes Sherlyn, we along with her family and a host of other friends will surely miss her and at the same time we can both rejoice in her FINAL VICTORY!

It’s also clearly established that you Sherlyn are another one of my sweetest and strongest inspirations. The world shall know that I love you also! Now let everyone say Amen!

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  • 1. Rose Combest  |  February 12th, 2010 at 09:52

    Amen again and again.

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